Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What will you do with 1 Million ?

Thats what i saw on a bill-board today morning (it was an advertisement by a mobile operator, announcing its prize money i could win by choosing their new scheme on offer).

I knew no body will give it to me, but then what would i do if i got it by chace (i assumed). My mind started ticking fast looking at everything as if i could buy it.

All things that were ever on my wish list, started appearing in front of my eyes in flashes.

How about a Honda city I thought, but that is too much (0.68 million). I said to myself lets make a compromise and go for Maruti Swift ( only fifty percent of the total money i had won).

But then flashed another thought, what about making my parents go on some foreign holiday and becoming a great son. And suddenly i heard a voice from somewhere "keep your feet on ground"( i dont know who said that, but i followed the advice).

So i thought, may be i can put this money into some sort of business or start-up, make some profit and then plan for the bigger things. This looked more sensible to me. But wait , what if the business fails:
(1) i will loose all the money that i got by mistake and

(2) once again i would be left empty hands.

I said to myself, its better taking professional help from some fund manager and investing wisely.

The brakes were applied, the car stopped and the taxi driver turned back towards me and said " sir, 20 bugs".I looked at him and then looked outside the window, my office had arrived. I got out of the taxi, opened my wallet and had the last note in it, but it was a 100 ( only two 0's ???) .

I again stared at the driver thinking about the remaining 0's as if i had lost some money. The driver gave me even a dirtier look ( i am sure he thought i am going to run away without paying him).

I realized thats the advantage of sometimes not driving the car, you get to see some dreamy bill boards, which otherwise i would have missed because of the eyes stuck on the road.

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