Monday, July 10, 2006

Everything ends finally but only for a new start

Two big sporting events ended today - FIFA world cup 2006 and Wimbledon 2006.

Obviously each had a winner and a looser( now this is not some secret. since every sport has it).

But this also makes me think about life, this is how it is supposed to go on , isnt it?? where the phases keep passing by, with the ups and downs coming and going but the life not stopping by any phase.

There is something to learn from everything and this is the most important lesson i have learnt from sports : there is a winner and there is a looser, both have there share of glory till when it comes to the final moment and then people forget the looser. But then life does not stops, it only tells you to look forward so that u do not become a looser the next time, and for that you neet to start again.

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