Sunday, July 30, 2006

17 websites

Now that the blogspot ban is almost over or may be already over as most of the bloggers dont seem to be reporting the issue on their blogs how and why they are not able to access other's blogs and others are not able to access their blogs.

I incidentally found this list of the 17 websites that were ordered by the GoI to be banned and which resulted in all the havoc. I thought of just wandering through and finding out what do the websites really contain that the government had to carry out take such a great( greatly futile) decision.

I was able to find the list of the 17 websites online as published by "The Hindu".scanned copy of the original governmemnt orders here :

So lets see what each of them contains and how justified does the GoI's decision is in banning these 17 websites in the name of action taken against terrorsim*.


The website is definitely pro-hindu and even to a certan extent anti islamist. But primarily what seems to be major reason for blocking this is the dedication it is showing towards bajrang dal, VHP. Now i am sure congress would have been waiting for a long time to find a reason to ban this website, but then why didnt the NDA government ever declare this website in their india shining campaign or give it a status of national importance for cultural preservation. But more from a neutral perspective, their would be so many other religious websites publishing equally agressive content, then why were all of them not banned??


The blog is based on the terrorism activities happening around the world, but more on what is happening in middle east on a regular basis. Also the information and the titles of the topics are against the jihadi terrorism, but then what is wrong in that, or may be the government had to show that these blogs/websites had atleast something to do with terrorismm, then whatever it may be.


Mission Statement: Mission statement? Who needs a friggin' mission statement?! I'm not out to change the World, just screw with those who are. Yeah, that means you, Lefty!

Thats the description of the blog by the blogger. So what does it look like a terrorism site , of course yes, and the victims being all the leftists so the government had to protect them else the government would have become the victim of the left. What i fail to understand is why is the left afraid of all these blogs after all their main vote bank is the unions and i wonder how many labour union guys read these blogs??

Other than that the content is not very outrageous. But yes, one of the recent posts suggested that the blogger was unhappy with the ban being lifted as he was happier to be getting the attention for being among the bannaed blog from so many millions of blogs( and why would he not be).

4. (Opini Pundit)

Now what does the name suggest?? Ok, i will not write much about this one as it falls on the same lines as the above and the name is good enough even without visiting the URL. But the left on these urls is more of a global left and thats why the posts are often about the US.The other thing that i discovered by visiting this one was that the JAWA blogger is a co-blogger for this one. So you see the government really worked hard to find out the links, not between the terrorists and the mumbai blasts but the bloggers who are hand in hand against the left.


This was also one of the displayed blogs on the exposing left blog. Didnt i say there was a lot of hardwork put by the investigators to find out who's linked to whom!!


If i didnt go to a wrong url, it was in chinese so ???????????????
But i am sure there might be some chinese terrorism based content on this blog, but the archives were in english and had only 2 months displayed: June, July 2006. Lucky chap got so much popularity so early in the blog life. I wish my blog would have been banned.


Pachyderm means fat foot specially for mammmals like elephant or the hippo. But the blog is not about the animals, the title is "My Vast Right Wing conspiracy". There is so much of content on this page that you got to spend time and brain to understand everything. I have time but no brains and so did not attemp to delve too deep. As usual has content on US, Israel etc. Is the indian government fighting terrorism agains indians or fixing or blocking all the pages that contains or touch the israel issues??


This blog has/had only two posts as of today. I am not sure if they had same number of posts when it was banned but if so be the case, then why, why, why ??? was it banned.


I think i am too late to carrry out my investigations, this page is not opening may be they have moved or may be i need to check again after sometime.

And yes my guess was right, it has moved and the new link is The blog is just another blog with a nice creative tempelate. But then why didnt the government issue another order for
banning the new webpage??


Now this is an absolute genral blog from the guy writing about walmart to wishing his mother a Happy Birthday. Now if they ban such pages then i think the ISPs were much better in blocking all the blogs atleast that makes more sense than blocking some unknown, harmless blog.


This page did not open for me as of now. But searching on google, first two lines speak that the this page is by a human rights oranization working for the upliftment of the dalits(backward classes), and this ban comes from the same government, the Human Resource Department of which is roaring to give another 27 percent reservation to the dalits. arjun singh ji, please ask your government to delete this site from the list else you may loose some votes, i am sure our HRD minister will say, dont worry kid the real voters dont read all these news an blogs. ??


The website enlightens/exposes/updates about the vrious atrocities faced by hindus around the world. So, any website that tries to do anything hindu should be banned and let every one lese do everything else. great !!!!!


Again too late and could not find the link.


I have missed the action....... cannot find this one too. not any great results on google too.


Looking at the page name itself the link looks wrong. Else if you try to figure out similar links then there is , which is nothing but image search engine from yahoo, just like the image search of google. Whats wrong with yahoo image search thats right with google image search?? mmmm??
Again the closest match i found was and it contains "Information on the life and qualities of
Ameer ul Momineen" so no need to explain. one more informative page i would say, as its always good to know about people. But
then our dear government does not believes much in information.
ha ha ha. let me laugh first and then i will write something about this one. I am plannning to put all the religious
websites, political websites, anti left websites as my most read and viewed links on my blog soon. So that government bans my
blog. bichara rahul yaday, but he is unhappy with the ban. I suggest he should be happy, the whole blog thing is all about
eye balls game, you want your blog to be read by as many people as possible and he got it for doing nothing, not even posting
regularly. Important links: on the cover page are: my resume,my blog, my college, my workplace. ha ha ha again.
Good things that came to the front from this ban:
1. Some pages really benefited through the popularity, and yes the owners were happy too.
2. Shallowness of the government exposed.
3. Technical inability of the ISP's to ban only a few pages( as they have removed the block even from the listed websites in
order to avoid banning the complete domains).
4. The blogging community has become strong enough and it was clearly evident as the government could not continue the ban
for mere 2 weeks.
5. The ordinary housewifes and all other non technical people also learnt how to use proxy servers in order to bypass the
block and access the pages that they wanted to.
6. pkblogs shared their script for bypassing the blogs in order to create inblogs. Clearly evident ordinary citizens dont
wnat to fight and would be happy to help each other when required.
So i think it was good that we had these bans for some days. But yes i am definitely disappointed from the government that
they did not ban my blog.

* I am not any expert and this is more than brief description of each page.


V N said...

and i thought, i was the only curious cat around!

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this world is so big, it is difficult that we do something which nobody else has done or doing.

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just came around looking for a new post! whr have u been?


Hiren said...

Very comprehensively written. Sad part is nobody has tried to find out the truth behind why bloggers were blocked. A month has passed and nothing has happened.