Tuesday, July 18, 2006

100 days

It just occured to me this morning, yesterday it was my 100th day outside India.

It was my first time outside India when i was leaving on 7th April but its been more than 3 months now. When i left i had a scheduled return on 25th June. Things have been moving forward and its been quite long, and now i am desperately missing ghar ka khana (woh roti woh rajma). Infact i am even missing that dosa from the near by sagar that i used to hate eating every day. But I still believe i was lucky, and came to a much better places than so many other countries.

Botswana(in southern africa) is a very nice and small country. Has a sound economy and low population. Everything here is in order and readily available (except dal roti).

People have been nice enough to me that i never felt running away from this place. The best thing being that i arrived here in april and would be retreating by July end, so i fortunately escaped the worst Indian summers, instead i faced winters in the month of may for the first time in my life with temperatures going down to 0 in June.

It has been a great experience for me and i have learnt a lot of things by meeting new people having so much difference in culture than ours. By seeing things totally unlike ours, detailed description of that some other time.

For now i am just searching to eat something, lets see i eat pizza or burger.


Hiren said...

Best of luch have a nice time and hope there is no bloggers block there.

ankurg said...


fortunately yes there is no bloggers block here.

Hiren said...

Thanks ankur for your comments on my blog. However you went to the wrong blog. In case you are intersted, the correct one is

Make your passion your profession. My wife's cousin went to Kenya and Tanzania and praised both highly in case you are interested. Not too far from South Africa.