Friday, September 22, 2006


At the end of my 2nd day in China, i ate noodles with chopsticks and was somehow able to manage to finish my meal. Though i tried to eat rice as well with chopsticks(since my coleague was doing so) but realizing my lunch might end with dinner i decided to use the spoon.
Fortunately he always takes me to places that have a few spoons.

But i still dont know what i am eating except that it is vegetarian. Vegetarian because my parents told me that these days are some specific days when only veg should be eaten.

What has amazed me is the fact that besides english being an alien language in China, china has been able to make so much of growth in business and is leapfrogging ahead of all the big countries in the world. But India has been able to grow through the IT sector primarily due to huge number of english speaking workforce.

Now the day China starts gaining momentum in english(since it has already been made compulsory language in primary education), it would be interesting to see how India competes against China.

For now i am thinking what surprise is going to popup in the dinner!!


Hiren said...

I love the restaurant chopsticks but chinese food without the chopsticks. India also has a better banking system and a stock market mechanism that china lacks.

V N said...

Woww!! What are u doing in China by the way???

And good luck with the chopsticks!!

ankurg said...

well said definitely lack a banking sytem as good as inida, but could delve too much into their stock markets. as of now i am trying to understand the indian markets.

had just gone their for some official reason, but now back to homeland.