Friday, September 15, 2006

less than 100% degree

I was going through this article on Azim Prem Ji today on rediff.
Prem Ji had to leave his electrical engineering from Standford in the midst, due to sudden demise of his father and take up the family business.

But the last line from premji states that he went back to standford in 1994 and completed his degree.
I think more than prem Ji's will it is the institute's flexibility to permit ex-students to complete their half or so degrees.

Though i can understand that PremJi had become a big and rich businessman by 1994 for any university to day no, but does the indian eductaion system allow anybody to complete such less than 100% degrees after a break(that too such long).

Will have to find out the answer.

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V N said...

Worth a thought indeed!!