Friday, September 01, 2006

Human efficiency

I have been thinking on Time management for a long time now. Almost 4 months have passed by since when i had come up with 5 important points to improve the efficieny at work.

Well those points have been there in my sheet ever since without any implementation. And this being so, besides i being an implemntation engineer.

I am once again thinking about those points because i see tasks again slipping from the schedule, and delays creeping in.
This is what i had concluded to get work done in time and to work efficiently:

1. Identifying the goals.
2. Prioritizing tasks.
3. Staying focused.
4. Effective communication.
5. Time management.

Time management being the most important since that would help organizing the other things.
But for now will not bore on the elaboration of these points and will do so some other time.

With weekend right on the brink will see if i can get atleast something right.


V N said...

LOL!! That was a knock right on my head; me being the worst time manager on the entire earth!! :)

Hope u r having a great Sunday!

Rupali_Srivastava said...


I went for a course on time management.

I picked a skill from the teacher. to make a list of things to do in the day and check them off one by one.

Helped me a lot.

all the best

V N said...

Time for a new post!