Monday, October 02, 2006

Amazing Singapore airport

Now this is what i call good governance. At least somewhere or the other the government does plays its role in making things better.

I am at the Singapore Airport transiting back to India from China, and writting this from one of the hundreds of treminals put up for free internet browsing.

This time i am lucky that i have a wait of 6hours on the Airport. While i check out the remaing airport in the remaining time( i doubt i would be able to do that, looking at the size of the airport), will try to log in once again before getting onboard again.

But i am loving it and i am eager to see indian airports coming upto this standard(atleast some percentage) in some years from now.


V N said...

Wow!! Seems like u had a great time!! :)

ankurg said...

yes, it was a nice experience.