Thursday, October 26, 2006

The leave that i did not want to leave

Finally my leave got over yesterday. The 18 day leave(not something people often get) was amzing since it was the first time i had taken a long leave since i have started working.

It felt amazing to be at home relaxing on the bed watching TV and always eating and drinking something.

Though i spent a lot of time travelling with my parents(a long time forgotten affair for me), it was more fun instead of sitting at my house here in banaglore.

This time i had a holistic aviation experience as well since my travel inclsded 4 different airlines unlike the normal single airline travel i always have.
It included train travel after a long time.

A cherishable leave in the end, one i will wait for eagerly till the next time.

More details on where i went how i went in my next post.

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