Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Orkut turns more Indian

I am not saying, "Orkut turns Indian" because there are lot of Indians using orkut. But, it is interesting to see that till yesterday on the home page of orkut there was not even a single picture of an Indian among the 8 pictures of some smiling people.

Today I check the same page and see that 4 of those 10 smiling people are Indians.

This number is quite high as compared to the actual number of Indian on Orkut, which is around 14% of the total Orkut users as on 28 Feb 2007(Orkut on wikipedia).

This is interesting to see that orkut is turning so much of attention to India leaving China. Reason I would attribute to this the fact that it is not just that Google (orkut belongs to google) believes lot more Indians are interested in orkut social networking than Chinese are but it is more because orkut is facing much less competition with other networking sites in India. In India new friends/social networking portals popped up only after a huge success of Orkut where as such things started simultaneously in China, which has made the penetration of google (orkut, youtube, blogspot) a much difficult task than it has in India. Services like these started by Chinese service providers have existed in India for quite sometime before they caught fire in India.

I think there are two important aspects to this:
1. Indians are more visible in global activities these days.
2. But, we need to have more indigenous products (I am not being chauvinistic).

More on that some other time.


UmeshUnni said...

I think you're reading too much into this. It's just an attempt by a company to make their product reflect their customers more accurately.
Also, according to Orkut(
14% of their profiles are from India 19% the US and 56% Brazil. I'd guess 50% of their US users are also Indian origin folks. So ~25% of their customer base are Indian origin. So, 4/10 isn't too far off :)

Anonymous said...

its all goood! :)