Sunday, March 11, 2007

I just lost it

This evening i took a cab from office back to my hotel. Upon naming the hotel in chinese the taxi driver understood it soon. And as usual after that i only kept saying dui dui dui(dui means yes in chinese) to everything the driver said to me in chinese. But, he was a nice man aged around 50. He laughed with us(me and vikram).

I reached back hotel and after reaching the lobby I recollected I had 2 bags when i took seat in the taxi(1 mine and 1 David's) but now had only 1. I forgot to collect David's bag from Taxi.
The man on the gate realized immediately from my reaction that i have forgotten something big and he is one of the fewest who can speak to me in english easily. Fortunately he checked the surveillance cameras at the hotel entrance and got the taxi number. He reported the issue to Police immediately. And surprisingly police arrived in another 20 minutes. After asking me details about the bag, taxi, driver etc. They informed me that they have aired the information on radio all the taxi drivers have. They have also informed me that they will get the driver's name and contact information from the database based on the taxi number. They have left assuring me to relax and wait for tomorrow morning.

It was good to see police arriving quickly, being nice in behaviour and understanding. But, i still havent found the bag. The bag contains David's Laptop!!!!!

For some reason i still think i might get the bag back (i dont know why i think so). But i can only pray and try to chase around for that tomorrow as well. Lets hope and continue to pray that i will find it and be able to sleep properly tomorrow.



Ritesh said...

Indeed Super Good Luck brother I would have lost a couple of pounds for sure.....Thanks to the Chinki Cops..!!

BBSMACCBHJH......of DDLJ is the line of the Hour noww..... ;-)

Now plz dont ask me to spread the acronym....

ankurg said...

BBSMACCBHJH-bade bade shehron mein choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain.
lekin yeh chota shehar hai!