Sunday, March 11, 2007

and i found it...

Sometimes luck is smiling at us. But, we realise it only after we see the results. As long as we dont get to see the results we only curse it!!

The bag i had lost at 8:30PM yesterday is with me again now at 11:00AM. It is intact and i think was not even opened(the laptop was right there in its place).

The bag was found due to an honest Taxi driver and 2 good policemen and with the help of co-ordinating hotel staff(ofcourse the reception girls are always very co-ordinating), they kept helping me in translating chinese to english and english to chinese during my conversation with police.

I can't say it was me who was lucky(i lost the bag) or if David was lucky(it was David's bag and laptop).

But, I think i cannot test my luck anymore because i might be running out of my quota of luck .I lost my passport on a transit airport and found it at the enquiry desk in less than 30 minutes(8 months back). Now i lost my laptop(yeah after loosing it, it was mine) and found it again in less than 24 hours. So much of luck within 8 months. If luck had some annual allocation then i have alredy gone above the threshhold.

Happy Ending:

To claim about their success, the policemen had invited the local TV guys to cover the incident. A chinese babe (atleast I think she was quite good) was all set alongwith the cameraman to ask questions to the Police, driver and ofcourse me the victim, which means i would be on local TV in the evening for 5 minutes(i had not even known that this channel exists forget having viewed it before).

I doubt Indian police would be able to manage that. I had a strong belief and it had been strengthened about the fact that "people outside India are more friendly to foreigners than Indians are to foreigners in India"(people = common man on the road who just see a foreginer and might not have to deal with him/her under a normal circumstance).

Now i can sleep easy!!


Saji said...

Yeah .. They are infact more interested than we could be and mate regarding the running out of luck .. hahahah .. chat pe bata unga

amit said...

i think u had enough experience in loosing the things and get it back v soon .
but take care because ,u might not be luck next time to get the things back.

Jai Shri Ram