Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I am catching up!!!

Yes, i am cacthing up with cricket WC.
I still remember the time when i had a dream to be a batsman in Indian cricket team. Now, my wish(not dream ofcourse) is to somehow be able to watch atleast some matches in this World cup. Though some of my friend have told me some links where i can watch live matches, i doubt i would do that(i hope i do that).

Today at last i tried finding some latest information for this world cup and relaized there were some new teams like Bermuda also included this time.

I think bermuda might have been included because cricket is played in pants and players might have complained to ICC that other sportsmen tease them and make their fun for playing in pants and not in bermudas(shorts upto knees, the ones used in Tennis).

So ICC might have decided including bermuda in WC(no disrespect to bermuda cricketers), thus now players feel better in boasting the fact that they also play with Bermuda(not in bermuda but, with bermuda).

Anyways i hope to get some more info over the next few days so that i can feel like an Indian(anybody from India not knowing about cricket should not be called a native Indian, only a residential Indian). I need to prove now that i am a native/by birth/by soul/by body Indian.

Till then, lets hope Indian players too feel like that!! Best of luck to them. They need a lot of luck in the form of important players of other teams getting injured, rains gods smiling at them or may be even umpires watching a bird while the player is LBW(in other words full body before the wicket).

Best of Luck to men in Blue(is the uniform still blue, i read it is under change)?

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