Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mumbai Airport

Last weekend(extended weekend) I was in Mumbai just for a break. Being from Bangalore entering the arrival terminal on Mumbai airport almost felt as if I had traveled a few seas across and reached another country.

No exaggeration! Just look at the help desk in pink, orange and white. It looks better than a privately run internet cafe.

The amount of space available is so huge it raised the question in mind - where was all this space till now?

Ofcourse GMR(builder of the new mumbai airport) is spending a good time, effort and space to make the travelers realize what it has done. But, it is only adding to the looks of the airport.I do not have pictures of departure longue with me but that was equally good.

Like a few other international airports they have come-up with their own magazine too - 'Mumbai touchdown'.

Did you ever see a feedback form drop box on any of the Indian airports? Well, I have seen one on Chennai international departure terminal and it was being used properly to dispose of small litter like chewing gum wrappers, shopping bills etc.

Visiting the Mumbai airport after 1.5 years I was highly impressed to see all this and decided to fill the feedback form with positive comments. My cousin with me picked up the Hindi form, which was tough to understand with so much of pure Hindi(its disappointing though that we in India find it difficult to understand Hindi). Well you think who reads all the feedbacks, don't you ? To my surprise someone seems to be doing that as I received an SMS from 'MUMBAI ARPT' thanking me for the feedback.

Message - Thank you for your feedback. It will help us continually improve passenger experiences at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. *Empowered by Moveo systems* Some advertisement there at the end.

But, so much gesture by an airport - to enter my phone number into the system, only to send me an automated message is commendable. For the rest I can show only this. Yes, again from the same airport.


KbHbEjTi said...

Guess you will soon be writing about BIA(Bangalore International Airport) also!

ankurg said...

If you are talking about the new BIA at Devanahalli, then lets hope I get a chance to be there. If that happens then may be so. Because, I have a bloody opinion on everything:)

RS said...

Don't you mean GVK and not GMR?

ankurg said...

No, I mean GMR and not GVK. GMR has the contract for both Delhi and Mumbai airport.

soubhik said...

Hey Mumbai airport is being modernised by a GVK-led consortia and not GMR. Delhi airport and the new Hyderabad airport are GMR babies

ankurg said...

I am sorry for the mistake of writing GMR as the builders of Mumbai airport and then insisting upon that.

GVK is the one.

Apologies for the error.