Friday, January 04, 2008

The Blue Umbrella

I haven't written movie reviews here before. I will not be writing them in future either(I mean frequently). But since I found this one worth watching, worth reviewing and may be among the more unknown movies of the year bygone so here is why you should watch it.

Colors are as vibrant as they can be. In fact once you watch it you would feel that urge to visit Himachal pradesh during your next vacation!

Cinematography is beautiful with camera showing views which we often miss out in real life even when we go for those vacations.

Acting had to be outstanding with Pankaj Kapoor playing the lead role. But, even the child actor has done her role well enough and is fitting in very well as a north Indian kid.

Script has a lesson for most of the kids but there is a surprise element every now and then keeping predictability of next scenes low and hence making you wait for the next scene.

It has been popularized as Child movie because it has a theme which could be a lesson for kids but then watch it and you realize isn't this the case with all of us. Why only kids?

Yes, it is a tad slow but if you like watching movies for more than songs, dance, love making scenes etc then this one's worth it.

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Sandesh said...

Will watch it if i get a chance. Now don't say that create a chance yourself! =)