Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The old man and his God. Book review - IV

Author - Sudha Murthy.

I have not read Sudha Murthy before though I have read that she written quite a lot. This time I got my hands on it as my brother bought it.

The book is written in a very simple and plain style. Describing some very common stories that the author came across in her life. The statement she makes in the preface stands correct for such stories and it is that "we all come across such strange and touching incidents in our life it is just that we forget them".

Well some people makes note of them and get a chance to share with others. This is what Sudha has done in this book.

The book is written in a very simple language and does contains interesting stories with happy and sad endings showing different facets of life.

A good short read.

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mayank said...

This book written by Sudha Murty isa excellent book which I could not keep it down until the last page. Don't mistake me, it is not a mystery book. This book has a collection of short stories written about the extra- ordinary lives of the most ordinary people whom we fail to look through. The language is simple and the settings familiar to most of us. The stories reveal the virtues and values of people as they go about their lives. The stories tell us about contentment as in the story, " The Old Man and his God", relationship in the story, "Made in heaven" etc. Some stories through light on attitude towards philanthrophy, hospitality, friendship, motherhood etc. The stories are real experiences written by the author in a story format. If it were a auto-biography I would never had read. My teenage son loved the book and I think it can be an excellent gift to young boys and girls who are visiting India for the vacations.