Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hard work or Intelligence?

While choosing people for a certain task I often tend to think what should matter more? Number of times I see that people are asked tough rigorous questions in interviews. This could prove that the person is intelligent. But does intelligence only make up for all the results that a person can bring out.

What about hard work? The reason for this write-up is a question that popped up in my mind regarding the importance of hard work and intelligence required to produce desired results. The question is, what is more important in attaining certain results. Hard work or Intelligence?

With hard work one can push, stretch and some how try to manage. But, with intelligence one can manage more efficiently and quickly.

Now, If you had an option to choose from 2 people - one with a very hardworking attitude but little intelligence and one with a good intelligence but a very lazy attitude and no hardworking desire then what would you choose?


Krishna said...

Thats an interesting question and a lot would depend on the task at hand .

If you asked this question to some body in the Military , they would say that they would prefer the Hard working guy.

If u asked the same question to somebody in Bell Labs or Google , they would prefer the Intelligent chap.

Personally , Sometimes it pays to be lazy, and like someone said..
Too much Hardwork never killed anyone but why be the first one.

(Though there have been cases of people dying cause of over work in Japan. )

ankurg said...

well in military too they do not prefer too much hardwork. Things they do not like is excessive intelligence and excessive dedication/hardwork.

They prefer common sense with rationality in making decisions. ofcourse no this selection process again depends on what level of army u r applying for.

Since I have been through the 5 day process of army selection at officer level and made it too, hence can share first hand experience.