Friday, June 22, 2007


Though I am not one of those regular bloggers who writes everyday or once in every 2 days, but i do visit my blog regularly to visit other blogs on my blogroll. Out of so many times I visit the blog I do write a few times.

Here in China my blog used to get blocked and unblocked every now and then. I knew it was the government which was blocking but this time the block has lasted for more than 2 weeks and after I read this Going global? Prepare to play by local rules yesterday on the fastcompany site, I relaized it might be more official this time. And then this ain't India where the media can shout slogans against the government , go to the streets and demand for freedom of speech. This is china where government(the party) decides and public follows(has to follow).

Interestingly the authoroties seem to have missed something as they have blocked only but not Blogger . So I can still write but not view my blog. Let us see how long this remains open.

Well I am using slimtrust in the meanwhile to view the not accesible links. Which primarily includes blogspot and wikipedia.

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