Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Yahoo Answers

Abdul kalam asked solution on terrorism, and then Sri Sri Ravishankar and Leander paes answered him. Kiran Bedi asked something yesterday and now Sri Sri Ravishankar is asking something again.

How come suddenly all the who's who are present on yahoo Answers? I guess because yahoo wants them to be !! isnt it?

What if there is a comment on my Blog by profiles named Amitabh B, Sachin T, Mukesh A, Manmohan S?? I guess that would indicate my bolg is very popular, great content and well read.

It could be so because somebody is just having fun with me!! or may be, it could be because i am having fun with the very few comment readers i have.

It was intersting to notice that Our honourable President sought Yahoo Answers as a medium to communicate with common educated people(because to use yahoo, one needs to be educated). But, it was even more interesting that suddenly some more important people wanted to communicate to the President through yahoo Answers!!

Bottomline: It was a good and innovative idea to advertise through a popular and respected personality via a serious question instead of the so common celebrities. But regular use of similar names will reduce the sheen of surprise it brought to people. Even if new ideas take time to come in, the same successful idea must not be used so frequently that it looses it's value.

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