Thursday, February 08, 2007

Blogger hunt

Great Indian blogger hunt :
  • ibibo

  • Though i came across this quite late(i just noticed its ad. on Yahoo yesterday).

    It looks interesting since to become a great blogger on ibobo means achievement of a certain score. The score can be increased by adding a new post or by someone's visit or by somebody rating your post.

    This is quite hilarious as the best to way to increase your score is by continously adding more and more posts, and that means one must have umpteen amount of free time with 24*7 access to the internet. All you need to do is keep on writing everything and anything into different posts and you end up with a great score.

    About ibobo: It is very much like indian version of blogspot. 1 feature that i liked is availabilty of an option for the readers to rate the post. This is a great feedback for some serious bloggers as many times people read but do not comment, but rating is much easier for the reader and possibly there will be more people rating a post than commenting on it.

    Rest you can check out!!

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