Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Customer service

Last week while flying Delhi-Jammu, I bought a toy for my niece on the airport and gave it to her. However, policeman stopped my brother on the boarding gate as the toy did not have a tag. I had already thrown the bill by then. Helpless i just took over the toy back to put in my bag as I was flying next flight.

One of the Indigo ground staff on the boarding gate noticing this, assured us to carry on to the shuttle bus and mentioned it will take him just one minute. Thereafter he took the toy, ran back to the scanning machine, got a tag, got it scanned, got it stamped and got the toy back for the baby before the bus left from the boarding gate. Now that's a lot of effort for good customer care and is worthy of appreciation.

Who says, there is not much budget airlines can do to differentiate!


Nitin said...

if Indigo has a twitter account, you should tweet about your blog post and let them know you appreciate their gesture!

ankurg said...

Good thought.. I did write e-mail to Indigo customer relations highlighting the name of the staff member and did receive a further thank you response from them as well.

P.S This post was penned down before IndiGo pilot was caught for fake license.