Thursday, April 10, 2008

IPL could be the next R-Power

Newspapers were splashed with its news, everyone was talking about it, the whole nation was following up every bit of information, every event was a record in itself- listing of Reliance Power. This is happening again and this time it is IPL -Indian Premier League.

Could IPL be the next R-power? IPL is creating the same buzz before opening ceremony as Reliance power did before listing and it may also repeat the results after opening as R-power did.

Anil Ambani used to call it the great Indian story so is Lalit Modi saying about IPL. Every one wanted a pie of R-power and corporates are having of IPL. Though the ordinary man (aam admi) does not have much to do this time around as they could do in case of R-power by applying for Rs. 100,000 worth of shares. But, everything will depend on this very aam admi(they have to watch it for it to be successful). While R-power made millions dream about earning a quick buck IPL is making the rich dream of becoming richer and it has already made a few not so rich Indian cricketers richer by a few crores.

But, Why would IPL be the next R-power?

T20 world cup was a great success and so is English Premier League. So BCCI (Lalit modi) decided to mix the two and come up with a winning formula. It indeed is a good idea but every idea has a right value and I think IPL is over valued in terms of the money being thrown around for everything from tournament sponsors to TV rights to buying players.

IPL is a twenty-twenty tournament, which is all about cracking, blasting and lightning - hitting sixes and fours, scoring runs at breakneck pace. T20 world cup was successful for this very reason especially after Yuvi's (Yuraj Singh) 6 sixes in one over to Andrew Flintoff. EPL is about local clubs contesting against each other with international flavor and high standard of the sport. But, T20 world cup was also about nations competing, which IPL is not about and EPL is more about football with many more nationalities participating in the form of players which also is not the case with IPL.

Nation vs. money

IPL will have teams comprising of people from different countries with different languages and different creed. Some of these players have been through recent brawls and will not have the same spirit towards each other that a national team has on the field. This will be an important factor and will reduce the intensity of the teams to win. On the other hand there will be players with long history of playing on the same side who will stand against each other. The question here is what bounds the team together, the feeling of belonging to the same nation or being paid by the same employer? Since money is the only reason for all these players to get together in the same team, they will not be able to perform the way these very players performed in T20 world cup. For some the performance appraisal pressure will not exist either because they are already standing at the end of their career. We may see matches as we have seen before that of India XI vs. World XI etc.

Player combinations

The Indian public is much more emotional than that of many other nations. Now imagine Rahul Dravid and Misbah-ul-Haq celebrating Sachin's wicket when Bangalore Royal Challengers clash with the Mumbai Indians. This may not go very well with the crowd unless the batsmen and the bowler smile and laugh while being bowled or being hit for a six. In either case intensity of cricket will be down.

Less cricket more bollywood

The organizers have already promised a lot of music and dance, which is also very much visible in team advertisements. But, do we not have enough of music and dance on Indian television? Adding more and more masala into the same dish does not make it more tasty! This masala may just make IPL another entertainment show and not a sporting event. Leaving the viewers with a bad taste.


I am a Sachin and Rahul fan. I shifted from Bangalore to Delhi a month back. So whom shall I support? Well there are many like me who will not have one team to cheer for and hope to win so we will follow the matches just to kill time while not doing anything else.

So while I do not say that IPL will fail, I think IPL will not be a massive success or a run-away hit as expected. It will end up as just another event with respect to TV viewer ship! let us wait and watch on 18th April.


rahul said...

I think the IPL would be a success as all the bollywood stars would stars would be there so people might as well watch it for them if not for cricket...good post

....welcome to my blogroll!!!!

Sandesh said...

just one correction. Yuvraj hit 6 sixes to Stuart Broad, and not Andrew Flintoff.

Even I feel that it would not be that big a hit as expected. IT would reveal its future in the coming series. Lets wait and see.

BTW, commenting it late as blogger is blocked in office. Blogs can be surfed but cannot be commented. They've blocked blogger. Not blogspot. =)

ankurg said...


Thanks for the correction. Funny it is to hear that they havent stopped you from reading blogs but only from commenting! I guess they would have come to know people are reading blogs. So some engineer would have done root cause analysis and realized - ohh, so blooger is the root:D Let's block it:D :D Not sure if there are such people in the admin team. Or may be this was intentional so that people can read but not comment on others?

Sandesh said...

accordin to their cost cutting phenomenon, it should have been the other way around. Dunno what their intention is btw... :'(

Sandesh said...

You seem to be pretty busy these days! IPL is over for this season and no posts from you?

What happened? Howz everything over there? still playin with Cheetahs??

ankur said...

"EPL is more about football with many more nationalities participating in the form of players which also is not the case with IPL."

Think some mistake here !!!
There are players from different countries.

Comparison looks a little non logical seeing the end derivative if aamm admi is involved ...
R- power : was greed
IPL : is fun and entertainment

Sheen anyways is off from IPL as the people in SA i hope are not so jobless. :)