Friday, October 26, 2007

Movie insurance

How often does it happen that you start watching a movie and with in the first 15 minutes you realize that it would be a waste of time and stress on your brain? And what if that happens in case you went to watch a movie like that in a cinema hall paying more than Rs. 200 because you were mesmerized by the glitzy promotions.

I think cinema halls should have some kind of an insurance where if you walk out the theater within first 15 minutes then 50% to 75% of the ticket price would be returned.


Sandesh said...

Good thought! Suggest it to the PVR cinemas or any other multiplexes! They might think over it! say what??

ankurg said...

normally whatever I think of is already given a thought by someone, so so this might have been too!
And I don't even approach closer to any cinema halls due to their ticket prices so cannot suggest them.