Monday, December 25, 2006

Festivals and Happiness

I have often believed that festivals are for happiness and people to come together.My belief was firmed up yesterday when i saw people celebrating christmas here.

I am here in a town called Hohhot, in china and there is hardly any christian here.
But last night people were on the road dancing, shopping and playing crackers.

Here are some moments that i spent along hundreds of people i dont know but was happy to be among them.

People are happy and they are enjoying with their families then why should it matter what religion the festival belongs to.

If a vendor can sell some crackers on some festivals and earn even a quick 100 bucks on this day, where as his normal income might be just 30 bucks, then the multiplying effect of happiness is more than visible as it will transcend from him to his family.
If all the shops in the mall sell more. If all the roadside bendors can sell more eateries and all the taxis can carry people overnnight.
I wish there could be one such festivals atleast once in a month!!

Kids singing carols..

Its great to see the festive soon going on as it brings more happiness around the planet and more cheers among people. May everybody have a share of this happiness and fun.


Dewdrop said...

Nice to know u are having fun there!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, nice Plz do visit my blogs as and esp see the festival plays an important role in our life