Sunday, November 19, 2006

I was there again

I wrote CAT for the third time today and i still love the paper for its surprises and its simplicity to scare people.
Though my results continue to remain same but it was interesting to find only 75 questions in the paper besides the total duration having increased by 30 minutes.

That clearly meant, there is no space for leaving questions which you dont know and doing only those that you know. Time given was enough to do all if you knew the answers unlike other times when people used to sweat out for lack of time.

On the whole it was a good surprise, but i do belive that reducing the question from 150 3 years back to 75 today the CAT is more about aptitude and less about attitude than it was before.

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Ashish said...

Yup, the CAT changes a lot. I gave the CAT around 11 years back, and the main challenge that time was to finish as many questions out of the 175 as possible while accounting for negative numbers. Getting the English and Reading Comprehension done early, and being able to isolate the mathematical questions down to 2 answers used to be the key